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Hello my name is C-J Lingard and I run the Kip McGrath Hull West Centre in Anlaby, which I started in October 2017. I have extensive teaching experience (from primary to university level) but more importantly I am a parent of two young children; one of whom has dyslexia; so I really do understand how difficult it is have a child struggling at school.

At Kip McGrath we teach maths and English to children from reception right up to GCSE. My philosophy to teaching is quite simple – I believe each child is an individual and what works for one child is not going to work for another one. Therefore although I might have 4 children in one class all doing maths, they are 4 individuals who may need 4 different explanations to understand the same concept because we all have different ways of understanding things and we all make sense of things differently.

We teach very small groups of children 3-5 (maximum) at a time so that they get plenty of input from their tutor. Each child works on their own programme designed specifically for them focussing on their strengths and building on their weaknesses. If you feel your child might need a bit more help with English or maths or would like to just have a chat about where your child is at, I am always happy to talk about children and education.

All our assessments are free. Please feel free to give me a call and put your mind at rest. The centre is conveniently located in the centre of Anlaby and caters to Anlaby, Kirk Ella, Hessle, Willerby and the West Hull villages.

Please contact us today – we look forward to meeting you!

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