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Within a class of thirty students, however hard a teacher tries, it is challenging to cater fully for all abilities, learning styles and differences. This is one of the reasons I left teaching in mainstream education and why Kip McGrath appealed to me. Every child is treated as an individual. We offer a free, no obligation assessment which identifies strengths and weaknesses and allows and if this assessment suggests a child doesn’t need tuition, then we’ll be honest at this point.

Our method is so successful, we often have a waiting list, so we don’t need to teach students just to make our numbers up. Once the assessment is complete we’ll give detailed feedback on results and discuss what could be achieved with a targeted, personalised programme. We are always realistic and will never make promises we aren’t sure we can fulfil just to sell tuition. There is no pressure or obligation. We understand that parents may wish to take some time to decide if it’s right for their child. People may want to look at other tuition providers and we understand that. We are confident that our teaching, methods, resources, technology and results are as good as it gets.

I began my teaching career at a local further education college in 2004. I taught English and maths to a wide range of ages and abilities. My oldest student was 82 which shows it’s never too late! In 2008 I decided to become a specialist dyslexia teacher and completed my post-graduate qualification. This allowed me to assess students with suspected Dyslexia and put exam access arrangements in place such as extra time, readers and scribes. In 2016 I pursued this specialism further and began working at the University of Hull as a Specific Learning Differences Tutor. I supported students with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and visual stress.

Then the Kip McGrath opportunity arose! I’d considered it on two previous occasions and loved the ethos, methods and approach but wasn’t able, due to personal circumstances, to pursue it. I wanted an alternative to conventional teaching, so I decided to go it alone. I realised quite quickly though that with Kip McGrath I wasn’t alone. There are two successful branches already established in the Hull area and we’ve decided to work together as the ‘Hull Hub’. We don’t see each other as competition; the more people that attend Kip McGrath the better.

I am delighted to be able to bring Kip McGrath to East Hull. The centre is based at Tower Grange, the former police station, on Holderness Road. It’s currently home to The Hull Property Centre, Kirk Podiatry, Little Pop Photographers, 10Bar Antiques and now Kip McGrath Hull East. It’s a brand-new environment and has state of the art internet provision provided by Pure Broadband. I’m excited to be based there and look forward to welcoming students and parents/carers to my new centre.

I now offer ‘Kip On-Screen Tuition. The same great resources and tutors as in our centre but no travel, parking or waiting. Perfect for busy families or students who prefer to work from home.

Hull East Centre Inside

Areas covered by Kip McGrath Hull East

East Hull, surrounding villages and Holderness.
HU7 (Bransholme/Sutton-on-Hull/Wawne)
HU8 Garden Village/Ings/Longhill
HU9 Marfleet/Preston Road/Greatfield/Bilton Grange
HU11 Bilton/Fleet Estate/Coniston/Skirlaugh
HU12 Hedon/Preston/Patrington/Sproatley
HU19 Withernsea







Primary to Secondary


Specific Learning Differences e.g. Dyslexia, Dyspraxia








Kip On-screen Tuition

Liz Hull East Tutor